HAWAIIAN BLACK SEA SALT - with Patented Pour Spout

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Black Hawaiian Sea Salt forms when seawater is evaporated with purified lava rock and activated charcoal (a highly absorbent microporous carbon).

This process results in a very coarse and earthy salt with a striking ink like color. Its high level of porosities and activated charcoal detoxify the digestive system by absorbing pollutants and other hazardous and stray chemicals in the body.

Hawaiian Sea Salt carries both an oceanic and volcanic-y flavor. With its very low moisture content, this sea salt will naturally retain its shape and texture providing an intriguing rustic texture throughout the entire meal or salad. That’s why it’s so well suited for wet foods such as watermelon, mangos and fire-roasted peppers.

Hawaiian Sea Salt should never be used as a cooking salt but only as a finishing salt to create a spectacular visual texture as well as a satisfying crunch for any dish.


Natural Pacific Sea Salt, Premium Activated Charcoal

100% Natural, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Kosher